2012 Regional Post Convention Comments

Celebrating 19 Years of Successful

Networking, Paradise Style

In Singapore, WWPC Members Completed 18,964 One on One Meetings
over the Three 3-Day Convention Sessions

Fellow WWPC Members,

We can't be in 2 places at the same time and with busy schedules split between family and business life we can't always do what we want to do, when we want to do, how we want to do, we can't always be where we want to be. Circumstances dictate the outcome!
Never the less, my schedule was amended as soon as the dates were announced and published and regardless of what ever the situation, I was on my way to Singapore for the WWPC conference.
It's always the highlight of my calendar. It's a business trip, in the sun, on the sand by the pool, yeah right! It's business with a smile and man, how we love to smile and how we love to be entertained by fellow members doing what they do best, network, with friends in relaxed social settings that compensate for the gruelling 20-30 one 2 one meetings that tests the business mind credentials and keeps the active brain healthy! What a combination, how we love to network at the WWPC.
With a blend of old and new members there's always an opportunity to reacquaint friendships and update services, make new friendships and forge tighter relationships. I always say"make friends & the business will follow"; some people don't like that relaxed approach, it doesn't work for others but for me & CCL it's been working for the past 15 years. The aggressive approach has its place in business but it doesn't sit well with me. It's doesn't happen over night, it's not often an immediate effect, as long as you are on top of your game and you stick to the plan, your progressive action will always create reaction.

All fellow delegate members for making that invested commitment to attend the conference and to make me feel part of something special will remain with me and stand out in the highlights of my career. To all members who could not be there in Singapore, I will see you on the next tour. I've heard rumour it's a nice location in a nice venue and I've already signed up.... See you there..

Facebook is a powerful tool. I've been reliving the memories of the conference on the WWPC Facebook page... Check it out, you'll be impressed...

Thank you all & see you all again soon...... Enjoy!!

V.B regards,
Rudee Bertie
Customs Clearance Ltd
London, England

“The meeting in Singapore was superb – great hospitality – great venue – made many new friends”

Yours in Profit and Progress, 
Robert W. Pearson
Fort Valley, Georgia, USA

First and foremost I would wholeheartedly convey my BIG THANK YOU for the fantastic atmosphere and probably the most overall successful WWPC Convention held in Singapore 2012, it is indeed a well done accomplishment with yours precious hand in to grace this occasion. I personally have gained the moment with vast experience and meetings with our newly elected partners to the WWPC and my old colleagues who have participated were very significient to me and by business in Zurich, Switzerland. 

I would sincerely appreciate for selecting my Company for the 2012 Award of Excellence. 

I wish WWPC more success and plenty of New members in the next Convention 2013. 

Thank you very much. 

Mit freundlichen Grüssen  / Best Regards

SRI Rasamanickam
Zurich Airport  / Switzerland

On behalf of Cargo Competence Int’l Logistics China ( hereinafter called CCI CHINA) ,
I would like to thank all fellow members whom attended the WWPC conference in SIN,
and those whom I have talked to in one on one meetings.

We really had a wonderful time and fruitful business discussion together.
This is my first experience in attending WWPC conference. It is really unforgetable,
everybody friendly like a family, discussion effective and time saving,etc.
To my surprise, many fellow members are very interested in our competence in handling project cargo
ex or into China,as we are strong not only in conventional business, but in project cargo
which I showed to all members our performance of project cargo in PPT in one on one meetings.
Some agents happen to have some project cargo, but did not know who is doing this job greatly.
This conference offers a very good chance for us to meet ,to discusss, to work potentially in the future.

CCI CHINA will be working as much as possible with WWPC members in the near future.
It is my feeling and decision after joining this SIN conference.
I personally think only we think members first, can we build up stronger and tied up in this network.
We will endevour to contribute us! Also hope all WWPC members will remember CCI CHINA
and try to build up strategic parnership with us together.  

CCI China

This was our first time to attend the WWPC conference and I am extremely satisfied & impressed the way it was organized. If you need any support from us, please let us know. I will be definitely recommending you some companies who are interested to become WWPC member.

You really looked after us very well and special thanks from my wife (Anuradha) also.:)

Thanks/Best Regards,

Ashwani Sharma
Pole Star Shipping
Manalapan, New Jersey, USA

It was my great pleasure to attend such a well organized convention
– WWPC 2012 in a very beautiful place where we –
all the delegates had chances to know more about each other.
I trust, this event: connecting people, connecting business will benefit all the attendees
and all the members in the family WWPC as well!
I look forward to meeting all the friends again in the Convention 2013!

Thanks and Best Regards,

Ninh Van Khoi (Mr.)
Logistics Vietnam Ltd

“With WWPC Network for nearly two decades – our experience is great and beneficial over the years. The friendship seed of NETWORK of we planted 15 years ago – has now grown up into a good fruit bearing tree where we enjoy not only sharing the profit with our good friends in network but we cherish our results too.” WWPC is part of our FAMILY.


Abdul Jaleel
DCFC Logistics & Distribution LLC
Dubai, UAE

First of all thanks and congrats to the WWPC team management who hosted this incredible convention in a professional way.Had been for a few conferences and this was our first convention with the WWPC and we saw the difference clearly in the way it was professionally handled and all small details were looked after.
Finally, nice work and keep it up and will definitely be present for the next conference.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Brijesh Singh
Mumbai, India

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you for great convention at Singapore.We would also like to say thanks to all which has enabled us to win the Award of Excellence 2012 .We’re very thoroughly happy.It was a pleasure to meet old and new friends. See you all again in Mexico 2013.

Thanks again.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen Kind regards

Oliver Buell
INSA Air & Sea Logistics GmbH-Frankfurt, Germany

It was my first time to attend any freight network convention like WWPC.Honestly I really had a great experience attending such a spectacular convention and I had a very fruitful business discussion with our networking members.
Attending this convention gave me happiness and build my confidence of joining WWPC.
I wish all of our members in all future endeavors.Hoping to see you again at next convention.

Best Regards,
G.D. Khan Bangash
Managing Director
Prime Logistics

On behalf of Brenton Garth and I, we would like to thank all members for welcoming Pro Kinetics Australia to the WWPC family. Being able to meet people face to face strengthens the business relationship and we look forward to working with the members of the WWPC group and meeting everyone at next years events.

Ben Mihailovic
Pro Kinetics Australia

We had a wonderful positive experience. As the convention was held in our own homeland, we were very glad to be able to play hosts to many of our members that came from all over the continents.This convention not only served for us to understand each other business, it was also a casual and informal affair for all of us to get together, have fun and know each other better. By doing this, we also feel much more comfortable with the people we will be working with on a long term basis. We look forward to the next convention. Take care and God bless !!

Thanks & best regards,

Nelson Tan

ASM Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

Yes, the WWPC Convention held recently in Singapore was indeed a success. I am sure our overseas delegates must have brought home with them fond memories of the convention location on Sentosa’s Paradise Resort Island. The proceedings of the convention deserves compliments as a lot of hard work must have gone into it. Thanks to Leslie and team !

Best Regards,
Stanley Ong
K C Dat Freight Solutions Pte Ltd

Thank you again for the great organization in Singapore. It was very fruitful businesswise.
Besides we had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. All thanks to you.

Warm regards,

Aysun Sengozer

It was a great pleasure ot meet all of you in Singapore and looking forward to fruitful cooperation together in the near future. Excellent Convention!

Warm Regards

I would like to thank you for the perfect organization of the event –not an easy task I presume,
and for the opportunity you give to all the members to meet excellent professionals/make new friends.   

 Kind regards,
Xavier Saldes

Iber Transit

Thank you so much for a well organized,  fun and memorable conference in Singapore. We are glad that we belong to the group and we look forward to enhancing friendship and partnership among members. See you in the next conference next year. Congratulations to you!

Best regards
Grace Rosaldo
Freight Connection Phils.,Inc.
Intramuros, Manila

Thank you for beautiful and of fun filled parties and receptions.We enjoyed our One on One Business Meetings with our WWPC Member Partners.As usual I enjoyed myself and had a great time meeting new members.
I’m already beginning to miss everyone. You take care and god bless. 

My Best Regards,

Prem Singh
Arian Worldwide Logistics Pte Ltd

I take opportunity to thank you sincerely for the super organizing the event which is breathtaking.  Valuable time with   the  creation of  amazing  business Opportunities  , I had a great time with our   partner’s and on One on One was very neatly arranged. The Rasa Sentosa Resort   was fantastic!Awaiting for the next event. I thank you  for all the favor and co-operation. Once again thanks a lot for your time and I wish you a fruitful and a very pleasant day ahead! 

Mit freundlichen Grüssen  / Best Regards
SRI Rasamanickam

Zurich Airport / Switzerland

Just want to say how pleased I was to meet someone like you with such a great personality. 
Unfortunately for me, we did not have too much time to get better acquainted.
We enjoyed the WWPC Group and it's wonderful array of professional individuals,
who also know how to enjoy themselves together as a group at your evening events! 
They are a fantastic group of people from all corners of the world!

Till we meet again ~ take care,

Ben Bousnina
Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

Thanks for successful convention. It’s really a family where everybody is friendly, closed and happy. And thanks for parties that we will have time to relax, to make friend and discuss something about job. The WWPC Member Partners I met were an amazing group of Professionals and I look forward to working with them as true Partners in every sense of the word.And don’t forget to send me a picture that you took me and promised it is beautiful one, ok ? :-)Have a nice time!

Best reagrds,
Linda Thuy
IFT Int’l Forwarder and Transportation Jsc
Hanoi, Vietnam

The Sentosa convention was Excellent and we hope you and all the WWPC Members
had a wonderful and productive event.  We certainly did!
As one of the ORIGINAL Members of WWPC,
it was our honor and pleasure to meet our fellow WWPC Partners. 

In your service,
Imran Kassim
Novo Logistics

Thank you for your effort, the convention was wonderful.

I had the opportunity to meet new and interesting people with great potential for businesses that do not have the opportunity to attend conferences in Mexico.

Everything was wonderful.

Warm Regards,

Ana Quirino
National Freight
Sao Paulo, Brasil

I do really hope you had a safe trip back to US. There are no words to express my personal admiration for you and how much I appreciate the work and efforts you put on arranging and coordinating this wonderful Convention, regardless the pain in the a***  we sometimes are (i.e.: the Group Photo, amongst other examples). Your determination and professionalism made you a role-model for me (and believe me, after all these years in Engineering and Logistics, I do not say this very often, cause I have always found the typical gits telling me that they have nothing else to learn about the business...).  There are few people to praise and you are one of them. You and WWPC made all this thing happen and I have to let you know how much I enjoyed the Conference, every minute, how fruitful it was and how thankful we are for all your constant efforts. Really hope to see you very soon, full-throttle,  

Warm Regards,

Puri Capilla
LPL Middle East LLC
Abu Dhabi

Let me congratulate you and WWPC for the successful conference we held in Singapore. This is your success also.  The circumstances were excellent the colleagues were professionals, everything was OK for new business. 

Thank you again 

Tamas Janossy 
Cargo Agencies CD
Budapest - Hungary

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