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Logistics Day: A Celebration of People

Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin of WWPC-WorldWide Partnership gives her views on Logistics Day

In this age of globalization, companies reply upon experienced partners to ensure that their products travel from Point A to Point B, regardless of distance, means or obstacles. 

Logistics and supply chain management companies develop integrated solutions to make this happen every day.  While effectively managing costs and mitigating risks, they must build virtual glass pipelines to plan, monitor, optimize and execute shipments.  As anyone in the industry knows, this is no small task.

The challenge of meeting target delivery times, while precisely following varied global rules and regulations, requires creativity, true talent and adaptability.  Serving as ambassadors to their companies and countries, these individuals come together as a United Nations of sorts. 

Cultural, racial, political and religious barriers simply do not exist in the logistics industry.  Instead, customers can count on integrity in times of turmoil.

One dictionary definition of logistics is: "The time-related positioning of resources."  As such, logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering that creates "people systems" rather than "machine systems."  Logistics IS a people business. 

Encompassing positions ranging from forklift operators and truck drivers to operations and service manages, all the way up to upper management, logistics offers opportunity for all levels of education.  In fact, these low to mid-level positions are the unsung heroes of the logistics industry.  Without their hard work and dedication, commerce would come to a grinding halt.

Twice each year, I have the pleasure of gathering together a group of several hundred logistics workers for a bit of "Networking, Paradise Style."  I have found that this diverse collection of individuals from all parts of the world unite to become one unique club. Colorful and entertaining, they make me better for knowing them. 

While I always enjoy their regaling tales of fascinating shipment moves, I continue to be mesmerized by their sheer depth of experience, dedication, wisdom, and knowledge.  Above all, though, it is their passion that makes them successful. 

In the world of logistics, "Collaboration," "Partnerships" and "Networking" are not just buzz words.  They are essential tools these people take very seriously to get the job done.

With growing demand, as globalization pushes companies to look at logistics as a way to remain competitive, this industry is fast-paced, cut-throat and high-stress. 

That logistics professionals at all levels continue to rise to the occasion is reason to celebrate!  Logistics Day will commemorate an industry that has been around since the dawn of time. 

In it’s commitment to logistics, IFW is the perfect entity to serve as the founder of a long overdue celebration that is sure to reach all corners of the world. 
Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin
Chief Executive Officer, WWPC-WorldWide Partnership


The Lady Is
Worldwide Partnership

Born and raised in East Meadow (Long Island), New York, Ms. Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin grew up in a family where both parents worked for BOAC, currently British Airways. A transfer with British Airways brought Ms. Taylor-McLaughlin to the West Coast namely, Los Angeles. Instead of following in her parent's footsteps however, her career path went the route of Cargo, working in Customs Brokerage & International Freight Forwarding & Logistics.
     From humble beginnings of break bulk and informal entries, within 3 years she very quickly rose to Vice President and part owner of BBC International, a full service transportation company, working typically long hours while raising her daughter as a single mother. Her career path then continued as Executive Vice President and part owner of ILG International, a full service logistics provider.
     In 1994, while in London on a business trip, Leslie came up with a concept and The WorldWide Partnership CargoLink Network, WWPC was launched.
     Leslie Taylor-McLaughlin was the first woman owner of a network. Her concept of involving multiple members per city to allow for flexibility and choice was an innovative concept 20 years ago, and is now copied by many others. There were only a small handful of networks operating then and they only allowed one member per country.
     This year as WWPC celebrates 20 years, it has remained true to it core beginnings. WWPC only operates one network. It does not have its members compete against each other by opening additional networks that "appear to be niche networks." WWPC takes no rebates or commissions from its vendors, and demands all discounts be given back to membership. Integrity is essential to WWPC.
     Currently, WWPC has 324 representative offices, located in 248 cities, in 102 countries worldwide.
     To maintain neutrality and objectivity in WWPC, the administration of WWPC is not involved in freight forwarding. Leslie, therefore is no longer involved in a freight forwarding company, yet her 25 years of hands-on experience make her the perfect person to own, manage and run a network. She also served as a Director on the Board of the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association for 8 years.
     WWPC holds twice yearly networking conventions, held in beach resort destinations only. In September of 2010, WWPC was in Phuket, Thailand and last week the group met in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Ms. Taylor McLaughlin believes in a networking, paradise-style convention concept. Four evenings and three full days are spent full of networking, with utilization of the personally designed, one-on-one meeting scheduler for the day sessions. Then as the sun sets, WWPC prepares fantastic social parties for members to continue networking. WWPC does not believe in "evenings on your own," instead opting to put members together every day, morning and evening.
     The WWPC Network's headquarters are located in Southern California.
     Leslie, now married to husband Ron, revels in her daughter Jennifer, an accomplished young lawyer whom she raised as a single mother. She has successfully balanced a personal & business life.
     WWPC's continual growth is a confirmation of the excellence and persistence that embodies Ms. Taylor-McLaughlin.

The Creation of WWPC™ was in November 1993 in London - 25 years of Networking Success

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