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USD $995 Per Calendar Year Administrative Membership Fee Per Office
USD $100 One Time Only New Membership Processing Fee

Upon Membership Approval, an Invoice that is due and payable
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Do you have any plans to expand (ie. open offices, add additional services not yet available)? If yes, please specify below in detail.
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Customs Broker
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Please list any other certifications and any essential memberships (such as FIATA, LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS, etc) below:
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I am authorized to make the application on behalf of the Company and agree to honor our obligations if we are accepted for New Membership in WWPC. Complete of our Application is a legal agreement that once we accept you into WWPC Membership, you will immediately issue payment of your Invoice. Thank you and we look forward to WELCOMING you to the WORLD of WWPC!
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The Creation of WWPC™ was in November 1993 in London - 22 years of Networking Success

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